With IDC’s ZB111 barcode reader, including integrated keypad and screen, independent running of individual conveyors can be achieved simply and quickly with high levels of safety compliance.

The solution is said to reduce maintenance costs and improve operating flexibility in plants with large conveyor control schemes. The mechanics of IDC’s system involve the fitting of a barcode to each conveyor drive motor. The ZB111 then scans the barcodes and shows the drive details on its integrated LCD display.

The maintenance engineer confirms details using the keypad and selects the maintenance mode. When the maintenance mode is confirmed, the engineer is able to stop and start the conveyor drive independently to perform maintenance.

The ZB111-based system is easily configured for variable speed drives and increased safety applications, using a wireless heartbeat update that stops the drive automatically in case of wireless network failure. The device can be integrated with wireless beacons and push buttons for a range of operations.

As part of these wider operations, the ZB111 can be used to improve operations in manufacturing/materials handling facilities, by enabling system alarms to be received by specific operators during day-to-day operations.


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