At the UK’s showpiece manufacturing event MACH 2016, Advanced Carbide Tooling (ACT) will be giving show visitors the added incentive of taking up to the company’s latest offer of buying the NC Helix Drill tool holder and getting two free inserts.

The exciting multi-functional NC Helix Drill from Nine9 has been developed to eradicate ‘non-cutting’ times through its ability to conduct helical interpolation milling, ramping, slotting, counter-boring and drilling with a single tool. This flexibility is emphasised by the requirement for just six different tools for drilling precision holes from 13 to 65mm diameters.

Working on an interpolation cycle, the NC Helix Drill reduces the cutting load on the spindle by ramping at an angle up to 20 degrees whilst the sinusoidal ‘wavy edge’ insert edges break the swarf into fine chips that are easily evacuated from the hole. This excellent swarf control applies to the most difficult to machine materials.  In addition, the drill body is available with either a cylindrical shank or as a screw fit holder that can fit most toolholder extension bars on the market. The drills are available with or without through coolant facility for rapid swarf evacuation.

Corresponding with the NC Helix Drill is an insert with two cutting edges per insert and a serrated cutting edge geometry. Produced from a K20F micro grain carbide substrate that is TiAlN coated; the grade and geometry provide remarkable tool life on all types of material from aluminium, carbon steel, low and high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, nickel and titanium alloys. The drill body is offered with shank diameters of 10, 12, 16, 20 and 25mm for drilling holes from 13 to 20mm, 15 to 25mm, 20 to 30mm, 25 to 40mm, 30 to 50mm and 42 to 65mm diameters.  

Complementing the NC Helix Drill at MACH 2016 will be the crowd pulling Nine9 Series of deburring tools. Developed to achieve high speed and feed de-burring and countersinking on all types of machine tools from sliding head lathes through to machining centres,  the Nine9 deburring range offers productivity and tool life far beyond existing technology. The NC De-Burring tools can run at feed rates up to 6 times faster than alternate solution. This is credit to the single edged TiAlN coated carbide inserts that have a 6-flute edge geometry that enables groundbreaking machining parameters to be realised.

Capable of de-burring and countersinking hole diameters as small as 0.5mm, the high precision series is the tool of choice for processing 60 and 90 degree chamfers with depths from 0.1 to 1.75mm.  The toolholder is ground to an h6 tolerance and manufactured from a high alloy steel to prolong the tool life of both the 6mm diameter toolholder shank and the insert. The toolholder has a brazed carbide shank that eliminates vibration and extends insert life. If you want further details on the groundbreaking Nine9 range of tools from ACT that had subcontractors purchasing tools at MACH 2014, please contact ACT on: 01455 234000.