For the ultimate in Portable 3D scanning, Measurement Solutions will be showing the latest in its impressive line-up of HandySCAN 3D hand-held measuring systems on its stand at MACH 2016. Renowned for its extensive line of metrology products and services, the engineers from Measurement Solutions will be on-hand at MACH to present innovative product lines and deliver expert advice and guidance for anything ‘metrology’ from its Stand 5602.

The latest HandySCAN 3D handheld scanners will be a certain crowd pleaser at MACH. This next generation of technology has been optimised to meet the needs of product development and engineering professionals on the lookout for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects.

Building on its core assets, Creaform’s flagship metrology-grade scanners recently underwent a complete re-engineering process and they are now more portable and faster than ever before. The result is an accurate and high resolution 3D scanner that remains remarkably simple to use. The two models in the range, the HandySCAN 300 and HandySCAN 700 are the most efficient way to reverse engineer or design a component.  

The HandySCAN 300 is the entry level machine that takes portable measurement to the next level with its 122 by 77 by 294mm dimensions and 0.85kg weight. Providing a scanning area of 225 by 250mm with a measuring rate of 205,000, the HandySCAN 300 implements 3 laser crosses as its light source. In a laser class that is completely safe for eyes, the HandySCAN300 delivers measuring excellence with a wealth of safety features. The measuring resolution for the HandySCAN 300 is 0.100mm with an accuracy that can measure down to as little as 0.04mm with a volumetric precision of 0.02 + 0.100mm. This precision level can be met with a stand-off distance of 300mm and a depth of field of 250mm. In essence, this makes the Handy SCAN 300 ideal for measuring anything from 0.1 to 4m dimensions.

Like the HandySCAN300, the impressive HandySCAN700 variant has identical physical dimensions. However, the HandySCAN700 offers a scanning area of 275mm by 250mm with a measurement rate of 480,000. Furthermore, it offers customers an increased volumetric accuracy of 0.02 + 0.06mm and a resolution of 0.050mm.

The HandySCAN 3D units utilise Creaform’s VXelements software that complies with a number of output formats and compatible software that includes Catia, Solidworks, PROEngineer, NX, Solid Edge and Autodesk Inventor. The connection is made via a standard USB3 port.