Addgards were one of the first companies to launch the Column Protector in the UK. Since then,  they have expanded the range to include the Slimline Protector and the Universal Column Protector to cater for a wide range of shapes and sizes and now have introduced the CP400 to cater for extra large columns.

The Addgards Column Protector is a very simple and effective product that does ‘exactly what is says on the tin’.   It is tough, highly visible, easily installed (no tools or fixings required), maintenance free and most importantly cost effective.

On collision the Addgard Column Protector releases air to cushion the impact between the forklift and the column.  The Column Protector can withstand heavy and frequent blows.  It is designed to be versatile;  its innovative shape will fit column sizes from 9cm to 1 meter squared.  It will also fit rectangular shaped columns fitted  with Addgards infills.

The Universal Column Protector supplied in four corner sections can be cut to fit columns from 200 x 200mm to 700mm squared. The unique and simple design makes it easy to fit, simply measure your column and cut the cross members to fit.  It is the most cost effective way of protecting your columns.

All the Addgards Protectors are rotationally moulded from a tough and highly flexible low density polythelene, offering considerable resistance to impact for both the driver and the column,  resulting in less injuries and expensive repairs to the columns and vehicles. Addgards column Protectors have been installed with some of the biggest names in the country, NEXT, Aldi, M&S, Harrods, Eddie Stobart, TNT, DHL, Debenhams to name just a few.

Forklift Caddy

After years of supplying the logistics and warehouse industry Addgards  conducted research with many warehouses and factories in the UK and found that there was very little storage space allocated  on a Forklift and even less on a Hand pallet truck. As a result they have designed two new products to safely and securely store essential tools and pallet wrap for forklifts and  hand pallet trucks.

Addgards Managing Director Emma Flynn commented ‘We found, even at our own factory, when the employees were picking up pallets , very often the pallet needed to be wrapped or made more secure before moving the pallet. As a result the user would have to carry the wrap with him as there was nowhere on the hand pallet truck to store the wrap’.  The Wrap caddy is designed to fit on the shaft of all types of Hand Pallet trucks.   It will hold and store the wrap and has an easy ‘Click and release’ clip to remove and replace the roll.

Forklifts also had very little storage space, very often drivers would put rolls of tape around the gear stick and leave a roll of shrink wrap unsecured behind the drivers seat.   This  could be quiet dangerous in a busy warehouse. The Forklift caddy is designed to hold all the operatives essentials such as stationery, scanners, tape, phones and shrink wrap.

The Caddies are easy to fit, either by using the high bond tape s or can be fixed with screws supplied.

Addgards manufacture a range of Safety and Hygiene Products for business across Europe and the UK.

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