If you are interested in industrial sensing, vision & positioning technology, our innovation lunches are for you.

Our lunches are designed to show you the latest sensing and positioning technologies, ready for the 4th industrial revolution. We want to inspire you to develop ideas, paving the way for future-proof communication structures; infusing your knowledge, and our application know-how to shape a smarter future together.

It’s all part of our service – and lunch is on us!

Get in touch for more information Contact:

Tricia Fleming Lynch: tfleming@gb.pepperl-fuchs.com 0161 622 6261

As the inventors of the inductive sensor, ‘the innovation that changed the automation world’, we have years of experience in sophisticated sensor solutions.

We are working in an exciting time within the automation industry, but with short innovation cycles for emerging technologies and limited time to attend exhibitions keeping ahead of what’s new on the market can prove challenging.

Our solution is to bring the latest technology to you. It’s probably the most convenient and relaxed way to see the newest technology in action and learn about what it can do for you.

Our sensing and positioning experts are on hand to discuss challenges and share their expertise.

It’s not a sales pitch, but we hope it will inspire you to develop new ideas and spark smarter solutions to pave the way for futureproof communication structures.