WDS Components is now providing anti vibration mounts as a complete kit to enable fast and simple procurement and installation. Acting as a vibration dampener or shock absorber, anti vibration mounts are now available with studs, washers, and bolts, comprising all the components required to enable installation. The anti vibration mounts reduce noise and vibration on applications such as machines, engines and motors, compressors and control panels.

The industrial standard mounts can be used across heavy-duty factory equipment, through to commercial applications and the marine sector. Providing the mounts as a complete kit speeds up parts specification and enhances ease of installation. With male and female threaded mounts, the new installation kit format comprises bolts in diameters from M3 to M12, as well as various shaft lengths to suit a variety of applications.

Ideal for machines with low to medium vibration levels, WDS now provides a flanged bolt down anti vibration mount with a fitting kit (part code WDS 718). Suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use, these anti-vibration mounts can be used with loads from 3.5kg up to 50kg. The mounts feature a Shore hardness rating from 40 up to 60, making them suitable for vibration reduction across various machine types and running speeds. In widths of 63mm to 112mm, the kit height including the mounting bolt expands from 110mm to 120mm. The mount is manufactured with mild steel and the anti vibration component is made from black natural rubber.

For heavy vibration on rotating machinery up to maximum loads of 840kg, the machine shear kit anti vibration mount (part code WDS 719) is now also available with a fitting kit. As rubber mounts can perish over time, especially under heavy weights or arduous environmental conditions, the mount can shear away, creating a safety challenge. To combat this potential, a shear cap secured with a washer creates a built-in failsafe protection. Suitable for outdoor use, the mild steel mount is zinc plated to enhance resistance to corrosion, while the black rubber anti vibration component is available in a Shore hardness ranging between 40 and 60. Mount dimensions range from 88 to 156mm long and 145mm to 240mm high.

WDS now also supplies anti vibration turret mounts, intended for use beneath mechanical devices, with a mounting kit (part code WDS 721). In Shore hardness ranging from 40 to 75, turret mount heights vary between 120.5mm to 152mm, with widths ranging from 81mm to 143mm. Primarily for indoor use, the mounts comprise mild steel construction with a black rubber anti vibration device.

Full details of WDS’ range of anti vibration mounts and mounting kits are available on wdscomponents.com This includes dimensions and product data to enable fast specification as well as free to download CAD images in a range to formats to enhance ease of design integration.

Anti vibration mounts and kits can be procured directly from the WDS website with same day shipping available in single units through to high volumes across much of the range. The WDS Stock Guarantee programme also applies across various mounts and kits within the range, providing 10% discount on any quantity ordered that cannot be fulfilled from existing stock.