Heli’s range of forklift trucks and warehouse equipment are already established as market leaders, back home in China and across the world. Its latest range of electric counterbalance trucks, the H4s, further boost that reputation.

The H4 range is made up of five four-wheeled models. Lead-acid battery power is standard but there is a Lithium-ion (Li-ion) option. As a fast-charging choice, Li-ion is just the job for intense, round the clock activity.

The new trucks build on the experience of some great models over many years. Heli has also been listening to its customers and taken their feedback on board. The result is a great range of trucks, offering great value and backed up with great support from Grant Handling.

Great new trucks

The agile, entry-level 1.5 tonne FB15H4 is ideal for businesses with lighter needs. At the other end of the scale, the 3.8 tonne capacity FB38H4 is a rugged workhorse for mixed indoor and outdoor use, over surfaces that won’t always be as smooth as a warehouse floor. Between the two will be the right truck for most needs.

The new H4 range is a new design, from the ground up. Its bodywork looks smooth and attractive – but there is a lot going on under that pretty face. The truck itself still sits within a compact footprint with the least possible overhang. As well as cutting the risk of collision with racking, doors, bollards or anything else solid and damaging, locating the wheels at each corner provides best-ever stability.

Safer than ever

The masts are set wide, for better driver visibility. Automatic buffering means that loads will be cushioned during raising and lowering operations. The masts are made with the same main components that are to be found on Heli’s diesel & LPG powered heavy forklift trucks.

Busy truck drivers can sometimes let their keenness get the better of them. Heli H4 curbs their enthusiasm with the option of automatic slowdown during cornering, cutting the risk of toppling over or losing control on ramps.

The easily-accessed driving position has an ergonomic, supportive seat, complete with driver sensor. If there’s no-one there, the truck won’t move. The driver is protected by a four-point cage – but wait: what’s that slot in the top? Easy answer: it allows a mobile crane to lift out the battery pack. One battery pack can be on charge while a second powers the truck, on through the night, which means that work can continue beyond a single shift.

Sealed and strong mechanicals

The new chassis supports a steering axle that is cast, rather than welded, making for a strong, reliable vehicle. The wheels can turn to nearly 90 degrees, making for great manoeuvrability – really fantastic for a four-wheel truck. The drive axle also features a cast housing, as well as an integral brake drum.

Whatever size of motor is chosen, it arrives sealed, as standard. That means it can be used with confidence even in dusty atmospheres. Sand, grit and particles cannot get in and sparks cannot get out.

Newly designed heat management, including relocated electronics, means that drivers will be comfortable all through their shift and more productive, as a result.

Triple choice power

The batteries can be charged in exactly the same way as the current range and power management is better, for a more productive shift and longer life. The motor can be set in any of three modes: Power, Economic and Energy Saving. Power could be the choice for warehouses with more than one level. Economic is the standard setting and Energy Saving helps to reduce power consumption – and cut maximum speeds, too, for safer operation in busy warehouses.

Great value

Heli’s H4 series trucks have been designed to enable easy access to all parts that need servicing, which will cut time off during maintenance and allow the truck to get back to work faster.

The Heli H4 range offers great value, in operation and in ownership. Businesses can decide for themselves whether they want to buy outright, have a long-term supported leasing contract or a short-term rent.

Great service

The Heli H4 range is exclusively imported and sold by Grant Handling. It supports its customers with more than 130 fully-trained engineers and a network of seven sites across Britain, from Tyne & Wear in the North to Mid Glamorgan in Wales and Rochester in Kent. Grant has been providing great service for 45 years and has supplied over 6000 trucks currently operating in the UK.