Bonderite pre-treatment technology, Loctite high performance engineering adhesives, sealants & cleaners and Teroson advanced flexible bonding and sealing solutions are Henkel brand names with high status in the production engineering sector.  The latest development in these ranges will be featured at MACH 2012 but taking centre stage is Multan, a comprehensive range of cutting fluids and stamping and drawing fluids.

Bacterial contamination is a natural biological process in the life of a cutting fluid. However, not only does this process cause bad odour but ultimately results in the emulsion splitting and becoming unusable.

At MACH 2012 Henkel will be focusing on its sustainable solution to this cutting fluid problem with the patented emulsifier technology of its Multan 71-2 fluid, formulated for a range of machining applications. A product of intensive development work, Multan 71-2 is a microbiologically robust cutting fluid that contains no bactericides (such as formaldehyde splitters).  Nor does it need any later addition of bactericides to keep it stable.

The Henkel product programme extends across the entire production chain.  More than 3,000 product variants provide an exceptional choice so that the optimal result can be achieved.

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