Baler and recycling equipment engineers Middleton Engineering will be showing what is said to be the UK’s first pre-press, twin-ram baler at 2012 RWM. For waste management ­companies and councils dealing with municipal waste, and exporters requiring optimised container weight, this baler has been engineered to withstand a press force of over 200 tonnes producing very dense bales and building in capacity for upgrading. 

The British-made baler’s pre-press technology combines the strength of the twin ram with the speed of a channel baler for faster throughput and will be used on plastics, cardboard, paper, cans, hard plastics, some WEEE waste together with aluminium extrusions.

Called the Middleton ME2R150P, it is also said to be the first baler to combine both wire and plastic tie capabilities in the same machine, making it quick to switch from different waste streams such as cardboard, which requires wire ties, to RDF which uses plastic.

Middletons believes it is the first European manufacturer to produce a square section bale of 1,050 x 1,050 x 1,400mm, designed to cut loading and handling times by a third. The optimised bale size can be more easily loaded and any wrapping protected to provide operators with a cleaner, more hygienic solution, while maximising the payload.

Middleton Engineering

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