Manufacturer of polymer solutions, Manuplas has recorded a £15,000 saving on waste removal costs after investing in specialist foam Excell Environmental Solutions compacting technology.

Manuplas secured funding from The European Regional Development Fund to contribute towards the cost of the compactor. Since commission, the compactor has produced around 60 dry, contamination free foam logs.  Collaboration with local attraction, Dartmoor Zoological Park, has enabled a perfect partnership to be built.

Manuplas supplies the zoo with “logs” to be used for animal enclosures and pathways whilst at the same time reducing its own carbon footprint.

Heger foam compactor technology allows processing of all foams including cross-linked EPE foam of which this application required. The machine supplied was a Lion 300 B1400 EPE, EPS, compression system delivering a compression ratio of up to 50:01.

Excell Environmental Solution and Manuplas conducted machine trials using their own material to ensure machine performance. The compactor will enable Manuplas to make cost savings of up to £50,000 per year.

Manuplas’ long term goal is to eventually use the recycled foam material within its own products for which trials are in place.

Excell Environmental Services

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