Marco (Stand F43) are still taking bookings for their free one-on-one ROI consultation during next week’s PPMA Show at the NEC. This is an ideal ‘no-obligation’ opportunity to understand the financial and operational benefits the Marco Yield Control System (YCM) can bring.

By analysing answers to some simple questions pertaining specifically to your operation, our profitability experts will immediately calculate the Return on Investment you could achieve. By significantly reducing giveaway and minimising waste on the factory floor, YCM is a proven low risk investment that has been shown to bring important profitability improvements.

Clear evidence shows that effective Yield Control leads directly to:

  • Reduced giveaway
  • Improved quality
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced waste
  • Increased profits.

The key to successful Yield Control is to implement a system that is easy to use by operatives, yet provides management with comprehensive real time data from the factory floor.

The Marco Yield Control Module has been specifically developed to provide that comprehensive data, allowing you to measure and control your ready meal process. A key advantage is that it can be implemented as a standalone module within your existing manufacturing structure and will provide a rapid return on investment.

How does it work?

The Marco system uses our operator-friendly LineMaster workstations that de-skill the manual meal assembly process. These workstations typically work in take-away mode, whereby operators remove the required amount of any meal component from trays placed on the weighing platform. The simple-to-use traffic light system guides operators as the meals are assembled, ensuring individual component target weights are kept within very close tolerances. The clever part of the system is the automatic optimisation (AO) software operating quietly in the background. This continually monitors weighments at individual stations and adjusts target weights to keep the average weight addition and finished meal weight right on target. These changes are transparent to the operators, who continue to react to the ‘green light’. If target weights do deviate outside standard pre-set limits, the supervisor is immediately alerted so that rapid remedial action can be taken.

The LineMasters feature robust wireless connectivity, which eliminates problems typically associated with fragile data communication cables and allows rapid line configuration changes. Target weight changes are carried out centrally via the PC based Datamaster terminal. The module automatically produces accurate yield data over user-defined periods by batch run and total production. Key recorded factory floor data includes:


  • Operator ID
  • Number of weighments completed per unit time/per operator
  • Total quantity of product allocated to any particular line
  • Actual amount used at each workstation
  • Weighment trends by operator
  • Rapid access to electronic traceability
  • Yield data by batch run/total production

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