Many industrial operations require personnel to use compressed air for breathing. Applications include tank cleaning, spray painting, asbestos removal, shotblasting, tunnelling, welding and demolition. However, in compressed air-fed breathing systems, ambient air is drawn into the compressor which then mixes any contaminants from this ambient air with those introduced by the compressor itself, unless removed by a purification system. 
Thorite, an independent distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, has experience in providing the best methods of removing hazardous substances from air breathing systems. The company recently held a series of staff training sessions, aimed at enabling them to provide tailored solutions for the removal of breathing dangers inherent in a wide range of operating environments, for major users of breathable compressed air. 
The breakfast briefings were held at four of Thorite’s regional Sales & Service Centres and focused on the Parker Domnick Hunter portfolio of breathing air purifiers, a range of both portable and static equipment which is designed to remove a huge variety of air contaminants. These include: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water & oil vapour, micro-organisms, atmospheric dirt, water aerosols, condensed liquid water, liquid oil, oil aerosols, rust and pipescale. 
The Thorite Centres which ran the breakfast briefings are located in Bradford, Bolton, North Shields and Brierley Hill in the West Midlands.