Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new 30-90kW oil-injected screw compressor range which offers significant improvements in sustainability and reliability, as well as performance increases of up to 10 per cent. The new GA 30+ to 90 range is available in three different variants making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Firstly, there is the GA 37-90 VSD models which deliver on average 35 per cent energy savings, while avoiding compressor idling time. There is also the premium efficiency fixed speed Plus variant GA 30+-75+, with IE3 motor, offering industry-leading efficiency and best in class Free Air Delivery (FAD). The standard base performing GA 37-90 completes the range.

The GA’s “cool canopy” and single-ducting principle are said to influence both performance and serviceability. Thanks to the improved component lay-out in the canopy, temperatures at the element outlet are down by 10°C/18°F. Atlas Copco also introduced IE3 premium efficiency motors, combined with highly efficient screw elements in all ranges. The GA 37-90 VSD range is equipped with a VSD motor, which matches the compressor’s output to the actual demand. This way, the compressor can achieve on average 35 per cent energy savings and a life cycle cost reduction of up to 22 per cent.

Other advantages to the VSD technology include: no idling times or blow-off losses, integrated compressor controls and a start-up under system pressure. VSD ­technology lowers energy consumption and offers industry-leading operating ranges.

Whole life sustainability is a major concern for Atlas Copco and this translates into the use of sustainable components. The GA’s integrated dryer makes use of R410A, an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not contribute to ozone depletion. This type of refrigerant also reduces the dryer’s power consumption by 50 per cent. The integrated dryer is available as an option in all models.

The new GA is also a Workplace Air System that integrates perfectly anywhere in the factory and even close to the point of use, thanks to its low noise levels.

Koen Lauwers, vice president marketing of Atlas Copco’s Industrial Air Division, says: “Atlas Copco’s customers expect highly reliable compressors and the new GA 30+ to 90 range delivers exactly that.”

The new GA 30+ to 90 compressor range is driven by efficiency. By improving the key components it is said  milestones in performance, sustainability and reliability have been achieved.

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