There are many risks associated with the incorrect handling of challenging loads. Wayne Crew at Roburtrucks highlights some of them and suggests opportunities for change.

Those who work in the logistics sector, especially with awkward loads know this. The incorrect handling of these types of loads can lead to unexpected consequences in terms of safety and the efficiency of the logistics system.

Moving these types of loads with a typical forklift:

Mistakes cost companies money. This principle applies when companies adopt a typical forklift machine instead of specialist equipment to handle challenging loads. Using a forklift for this type of handling limits the operator’s view when manoeuvring in tight areas.

This is an incorrect and unsafe handling method that can cause injury to the operator and damage to the goods. It is also an inefficient way of working and requires wide manoeuvring lanes in the operating environment.

Suitable solutions for bespoke needs.

Unlike typical forklift equipment, machines with a low centre of gravity and multidirectional drive ensure precise and faster manoeuvring, even in warehouses with pallet racking and cantilevers usually used for materials such as wood, steel or plastic.

Today there are several solutions capable of handling long and bulky loads. Four-way stackers with or without a retractable mast provide a flexible and economical solution, particularly in narrow aisles. Electric four-way or multidirectional reach trucks can move in any direction – including sideways.

Despite the small dimensions of the machine it can be operated both inside and outside, and equipped with large-opening forks and cushioned wheels. Lastly, lateral forklifts (Four-way and multidirectional) are larger machines that allow the transport, storage, and picking of material of considerable size and weight.

Relying on the right handling partner

Wayne Crew comments:

“In an industrial world where saving space, optimising productivity and driving safety standards are primary objectives, the Roburtrucks Four-way bespoke built machine meets the strict requirements of the customer’s operating environment.”

He continues:

“Customers approach us as they recognise that the application area determines the choice of machine. And with zero emissions and engine noise, the electric pedestrian or sit-on Four-way truck is ideal for use inside the warehouse for many types of loads.”

A manufacturer with a wide range of solutions is crucial when choosing a machine for all types of environments. This is mainly because the Materials Handling sector requires significant specialisation and technical design expertise.

Roburtrucks has a range of products dedicated to transporting and storing such goods. Our machines can increase storage capacity, improve safety and reduce the risk of product damage during transportation.