Silverson Machines have been helping customers to improve their mixing processes for over 75 years. With experience in the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the largest capacity range from a single manufacturer, whatever you are mixing Silverson can help to find a solution for you.

The extensive range of high shear rotor/stator mixers that Silverson manufactures means that we can help with mixing as little as 1ml, or huge volumes up to 30,000 litres and everything in between. Scaling-up is a relatively simple process as all Silverson mixers are manufactured to the same precision engineered tolerances. So anything you produce in the laboratory can be replicated in production, without the need for reformulating.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular products in the Silverson range, other mixers for specialised mixing such as Sealed Units, Multi-stage units and ATEX approved models are available but not mentioned here. For more information on those mixers, please visit the Silverson website.

Laboratory Mixers

For mixing small batches from 1ml up to 12 litres, Silverson has a range of Laboratory mixers suitable for a wide range of mixing processes. All Silverson rotor/stator mixers come with a range of easily interchangeable workheads, which allow one mixer to perform many mixing tasks which would otherwise need several pieces of mixing equipment. Silverson Laboratory mixers can blend, emulsify, homogenise, disintegrate, dissolve and de-agglomerate, and mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 litres/minute using an In-Line mixing assembly. The most popular mixer in the Silverson product range, the L5M-A Laboratory mixer, features touch pad controls and a tachometer, ammeter and programmable timer.

Pilot Scale Mixers

For mixing volumes of up to 50 litres, the Silverson AX Pilot Scale series is ideal. This series of mixers is designed for small scale production in pilot plants, research institutions, hospital pharmacies, etc.

Currently in development is a Pilot Scale Powder/Liquid mixer, designed to bridge the gap between the FMX5 Laboratory powder/liquid mixer and the Flashmix production scale model.

In-tank mixing

For in-tank mixing of volumes up to 30,000 litres Silverson supplies in-tank Batch mixer models. Capable of performing all of the same mixing process as Silverson Laboratory mixers, it is possible to reduce mixing times by up to 90% when using high shear Batch mixers as opposed to traditional mixing methods such as stirrers or agitators. Small to medium range Batch mixers can be used on mobile floor stands, further increasing their versatility.

The Silverson Ultramix in-tank mixer is designed for applications that are beyond the capabilities of a conventional agitator or stirrer but do not necessarily require the intense high shear of a Silverson rotor/stator mixer. Ideal for rapidly wetting out powders including gums and thickeners, the Ultramix is also ideal for use in vessels with narrow openings. The vigorous mixing action is capable of moving the entire contents of vessels even in difficult shaped containers. For this reason the Ultramix offers considerable advantages for customers using IBCs (tote bins).

In-Line mixer/homogenisers

Silverson’s line of high shear In-Line mixers offers a great many advantages to the processor – speed, versatility, aeration-free mixing, and guaranteed efficiency. Capable of self-pumping throughputs of up to 200,000 litres per hour, these mixers are ideal for continuous mixing. Silverson In-Line mixers are capable of producing a fine, uniform droplet size, typically in the range of 2 – 5 microns. This degree of homogenisation is suitable for the vast majority of products, such as creams and ointments, lotions, sauces and flavour emulsions. Finer emulsions, down to 0.5 microns can be obtained depending on the formulation and in some cases, a Silverson In-Line mixer can replace a high pressure homogeniser in the processing line.

Silverson In-Line mixers are also available in an Ultra Hygienic specification, fitted with EHEDG Certified Mechanical Shaft Seals, they are designed to comply with both FDA and cGMP guidelines.

Also in the range is a High Viscosity In-Line model, which eliminates the need for an additional feed pump when processing high viscosity mixes such as gels and slurries.

Powder/Liquid mixing

For mixing large quantities of powder, Silverson developed the Flashmix powder/liquid mixer. Unlike many powder/liquid mixers, which use vacuum to pull in powder, the Flashmix literally forces powder into the liquid stream. This not only allows it to disperse and hydrate large volumes of powders, it means it can be used at higher temperatures and with higher viscosity mixes – offering the advantages of high shear mixing to a wide range of applications that were previously not possible.

These are just a few of the mixer options available in the Silverson product range, you can find out more about additional models, such as the D2500 Disintegrator/Dissolver, in the updated Silverson product range video. This video is available to watch on the Silverson website or Silverson YouTube channel.