With France leading the charge in environmental awareness after COP21, global energy, water and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe is calling on industrial manufacturers to clean up their act over the coming year. This call to arms coincides with the company’s attendance at the SEPEM Industries trade show in Rouen, on January 26th – 28th, 2016.

NCH Europe will be exhibiting in hall 1, aisle E9 / D10 at the event. The company will present a range of industrial parts cleaning machines and wastewater treatment solutions, including the Torrent 500 portable parts cleaning machine and BioAmp, a revolutionary biological patented system that solves a range of drain and waste water problems. These products reduce effluent discharge fees and improve factory eco-efficiency, which means they help manufacturers save money and become more environmentally friendly.

The Torrent 500 unit uses a water-based cleaning fluid to clean parts weighing up to 50kg. It produces up to eight times less hazardous waste and cleans 90 percent of parts in less than one minute.

The high-pressure jet delivery of Torrent 500 allows for accurate and quick cleaning of components without the need to manually scrub away deposits of production contaminants.

“Efficiency is the key word for 2016,” said Csaba Kisari, Marketing Manager for NCH Europe’s Parts Cleaning Innovation Platform that developed the Torrent 500. “When you consider the man-hours lost cleaning parts and scrubbing away contaminants before applying a secondary aerosol cleaning product, it’s easy to see why it’s not the most efficient use of time.

“The Torrent 500 not only speeds up the cleaning process, but it typically achieves savings of £500 per month. That’s without taking into consideration the money saved by not having to dispose of hazardous waste from solvents.”

Businesses truly seeking to reduce their waste fees will also be interested in BioAmp, a  range of computer-controlled microbial fermentation units from NCH Europe’s Waste Water Innovation Platform. A unique combination of microbiology and engineering, BioAmp  is designed to deliver a  large amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria directly into the drains, grease traps, lift stations and waste water treatment plants.

The bacteria immediately goes to work reducing the build- up of fats, oils, grease and the other organic waste in the effluent, whilst also eliminating odours.

BioAmp systems integrate with all existing waste water treatment equipment  and by delivering accurate doses of fully active bacteria  when required, remove the necessity for maintenance engineers for manual application .

“Precise and regular dosing is essential for efficient biological treatment solutions,” explained Mario Kelly, VP of NCH Europe’s Waste Water Innovation Platform.

“With an automated dosing system, there’s a guarantee that the biological solution will be frequently and consistently discharged into the waste water. BioAmp is even serviced and maintained by NCH personnel, so there’s no follow-up needed from maintenance engineers.”

SEPEM Industries hosts several trade shows across France to bring together companies that provide a cross-section of plant-based services. The North West show in Rouen is one of three shows planned for 2016.