For Friars Pride, supplier of ingredients and consumables to the fast food sector, cleaning reusable drums in which it delivers its frying oil was becoming increasingly problematic. Its washing processes were labour intensive and relied on the uncertain performance of an ageing washing machine.

A new custom-designed carousel drum washer from Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) provided a complete solution, and delivered additional cost and environmental benefits.

Unlike most suppliers of frying oils, Friars Pride delivers its oil in 25-litre returnable drums. This benefits the company’s customers, as they don’t have to dispose of the empty drums and it benefits the environment.

Engineers at IWM developed a purpose-designed carousel-type washing machine that has a throughput of 200 drums per hour. It delivers drums that are clean and dry and ready for immediate reuse.

As an aid checking the mechanical functions of the machine, Friars Pride supplied a number of sample drums considered ready for disposal. After the test, the machine had not only cleaned all of the drums perfectly but they were ready for reuse.