Carl Master Software from Carl Software has played a major role in transforming the maintenance department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL), France. In the late 1990s management at the HCL decided to reorganise the maintenance of its technical facilities following a number of incidents including electricity outages.

This was considered to be a major project as the HCL is the second biggest University Hospital in France. Its area encompasses 17 buildings spread over 850,000m2. This includes mixed and ageing facilities which had not been subject to effective traceability and preventive maintenance. Each site had its own team with no dedicated technical management and its officers had no properly defined missions.

The project was done in two phases: Firstly the maintenance department was ­created between 2004 and 2006 to track all HCL’s technical assets with the new department now comprising 325 technical officers with an annual budget of €31.5m. Secondly, in 2006, the department set up a maintenance tool to monitor and control the maintenance. The CMMS CARL Master was chosen to: Cope with the volume of assets, the technical nature of the equipment that needed to be maintained and to ­provide traceability and monitoring for the safety of installations and sites; Standardise and rationalise the implementation and the monitoring of preventive maintenance; Simplify and unify entries, the processing and monitoring of 80,000 annual maintenance work requests; Improve maintenance management using performance indicators and monitor activities in order to maximise technical investments. HCL describes the CARL Master project as a major sucess.

Among the benefits said to be achieved are an improvement of the image of HCL technical services with about 70 per cent of work requests dealt with in under 48 hours and 80 per cent in under 72 hours; In 2010 100,470 work orders were ­completed including over 30,000 generated by technical services; The HCL now has an exhaustive database with 46972 geographical points and 24,169 points of installation and 121,508 characteristics defined (five on average per installation).

Carl Software is a French company with expertise in the design of software products for maintenance and technical management. CARL Source is CARL Software’s most recent application. It is modular and customisable with four applications: in industry (Carl Source Factory), healthcare, property management, and transport.

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