The new Mfafac Pico aqueous spray washing machine, available from Turbex in the UK, is said to offer effective, automated batch cleaning in a footprint of a little over a square metre. The hinged door at the front doubles as a loading and unloading platform to minimise the area around the machine needed for operation.

The stainless steel machine is said to offer good reliability and process repeatability for washing and drying.

A rotating basket and fixed spray arm delivers consistent component cleaning, after which a pulsing blast of heated, compressed air optimises drying.

There is a standard removable filter tray that collects swarf and other large particles trapped during the return flow. In-line fine filtration of particles down to 50 microns is optional.

A tilting suction unit can be supplied to separate waste oil from the water in the thermally insulated wash tank, which has a 315l capacity to allow extended life of the cleaning liquid.

Programmable control allows a variety of automatic sequences to be entered to suit the components being cleaned. Load capacity is 70 kg and the speed of rotation of the Euro standard basket can be preset.