A global steel company has replaced its thermodynamic traps with Thermal Energy Inter­national’s GEM venturi orifice design. Following successful bucket tests on drip legs, 400 GEM traps have been installed.

The steel plant, based in India’s eastern region, has a steam network measuring around 16km. Comprised of a high pressure system with a pressure rate of 63bar and temperatures of 480°C and a low pressure system with a pressure rate of 15bar and temperatures of 300°C, the network has around 500 steam traps fitted along the length of the pipework.

Having tried thermodynamic traps, it was found none lasted longer than six months.

The plant contacted Zenith Marketing & Consultants about GEM venturi orifice steam trap. Fitting GEM steam traps has resulted in the plant achieving energy savings by preventing steam leaks from failed traps and providing added efficiency.

In addition the plant has also saved costs on replacement traps and maintenance, eliminated trap inspections, prevented pipe damage that destabilises the steam distribution system and improved the safety characteristics of the steam network.