Low foaming especially in soft water areas is hard to achieve from a semi synthetic cutting and grinding fluid but Master Chemical cracked the science with its TRIM SC415.  Now another product choice has been added that is based on similar chemistry but perfectly suited to the economical machining and grinding of cast iron and steel.   

TRIM SC412 costs less than its forerunner, but is nevertheless a high quality metalworking fluid that provides excellent rust protection.  Unlike competitor products it eliminates any build-up of graphite residue so a clean production environment is assured.  The clean running formulation also prevents the loading of grinding wheels, ensuring good surface finish and minimal burning.  

This new fluid is versatile too. In addition to machining and grinding, TRIM SC412 can be used for turning, drilling and tapping. Extremely hard water tolerant, it contains no DEA, chlorine, nitrites or phenolic compounds.

Pre-commercialisation trials of TRIM SC412 set out to confirm the products bio-stability, low foam profile, corrosion protection, machine cleanliness and operator acceptance.  The new fluid was run for a year at three European test sites – one of which was in the UK – and it proved superior to alternatives in all categories.    

TRIM SC412 was used to grind steel bearings and to turn and machine cast iron automotive components.  Test reports praised the product’s low foam profile, excellent sump life and cost efficiency through low consumption.  This new cutting and grinding fluid concentrate was trialled on individual machines and production lines fed by central systems and proved highly effective in both.