UK Vibration specialists Reactec  are holding a seminar at this year’s IOSH Conference & Exhibition to offer knowledge and information on Hand Arm Vibration management issues.

Hundreds of peers from the health and safety sector are expected to gather this March for the annual institute of occupational safety health (IOSH) conference and exhibition.

The conference which is held in Manchester provides a meeting place for key industry figures to share best practice and invaluable advice with others in the health and safety industry.

This year’s conference which  is themed around ‘changing perceptions’ will see Reactec, a major industry player present an innovative talk to delegates on a variety of ways in which companies can benefit from HAVs management.

Reactec has experienced measurable success with its HAVmeter safety monitors and currently services over half of the country’s top eight tool hire firms as well as working with at least ten of the UK’s top construction companies.

Stewart McNaughton, health and safety consultant at Reactec, will present the talk which discusses a variety of vibration health and safety issues with delegates on the opening day of this years IOSH conference.

He said: “The conference is a great place for us to meet industry peers whilst also engaging with new audiences. We hope that we can bring something new to the forum and help businesses and other individuals take note of what they could be doing differently in terms of HAVS management.

“It is important that we highlight the current Health and Safety Executive’s legislation to help put into context the issues that can arise for companies. Further to this we are keen to highlight how the HAVmeter can deliver value for both businesses and employees.

 “Many people don’t take into account that with a health and safety solution such as the HAVmeter there can be significant cost savings, optimisation of employee working practices and control of tool utilisation.  This also ensures your employees are covered in terms of health and safety to the highest standard.

The IOSH conference which also acts as an exhibition, gives businesses in the industry the chance to put their words into practice.”

Stewart continued: “As well as delivering a talk at the IOSH conference we felt it was important to meet the people that we are trying to talk to. It’s also gives them a chance to see our points in action and allows their questions to be answered.

HAVmeter is the UK’s leading system for monitoring vibration exposure and, in addition to being offered by major tool hire firms, it is used by many of the country’s biggest construction and manufacturing companies – including Balfour Beatty, Tarmac, Aston Martin, and Crown Estates.

Under the system, every employee is issued with an individual HAVmeter monitor that records their exposure from hand held tools and other vibrating equipment in order to keep them within the limits set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

More information about the HAVmeter can be found on the website