Weldability-SIF, the welding product specialist has launched the  ‘ProtectoVac’ – a lightweight, portable fume extraction unit to extract and filter welding fumes and metallic particles.

The ProtectoVac is available in two versions for either 110V or 23V input power supplies. It has less than a 70dB(a) low noise level and is designed for use in garage and manufacturing workshops, welding demonstration and training bays, as well as for on-site mobile welding applications.

A feature of this unit is an auto on/off function, enabling it to be turned on automatically as the welder strikes the welding arc. It includes a spark arrester and a four-step filter system with both fine ‘Dura-H’ and ‘HEPA’ replaceable filters. It is supplied with a 2.5m long extraction hose and nozzle, plus spare motor brushes.

T: 01462 482200