Air Cleaning Systems (acs) has launched its FBS downdraught bench which has been designed to provide an ergonomic and practical solution to the problem of controlling and removing airborne dust or fumes generated by linishing, sanding, finishing, de-burring and polishing operations.

The new bench incorporates a ventilated worktop with a G4 grade filter and a secondary HEPA filter that guarantees all particulate is captured in the filters. Additionally, the two filters are clamped into place to prevent contaminant by-pass. At the base of the bench is the inverter (speed) controlled fan assembly that discharges the cleaned air at the bottom, rear of the bench.

The acs inverter system allows the customer to control the rate of suction. The acs system with its environmentally friendly inverter regulates the power consumption in line with the fan speed to reduce power consumption and the associated costs.

The design can now incorporate uprights to the rear of the work area to support shelving, bin storage and overhead lighting with spot extraction via a 100mm diameter articulated arm to supplement the downdraught action of the bench. These additions provide the customer with a clean and clutter free work area that can be designed to optimise the work area for the operator. The option of a well lit and organised work station has been proven to improve productivity, work flow and operator comfort.

Air Cleaning Systems

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