Brevini UK has been working in the energy sector for many years and has a number of energy efficient products. The company has over a decade’s experience in the wind power industry where its slew drive gear systems are used to deliver high reduction ratios and torque ratings.

It has installed 70,000 pitch and yew drives in the UK and the world, each of which has been geared to provide continuous and reliable service for the life of the turbine.

The pitch system is responsible for controlling the angle at which the blades face the wind. Brevini’s planetary slew gear units provide an optimal solution for pitch drives for wind turbines up to the largest sizes considered today. The yaw system on a turbine ensures that the nacelle is always positioned accordingly to allow the rotor axis to be aligned with the wind direction for maximum energy output. Brevini slewing drives are again a suitable solution for yaw drives.

Brevini’s maintenance and repair team is able to service gearboxes up to 15 tonnes. Trained service engineers perform pre-strip-down inspections to identify work components; replacement parts are then sourced from the OEM returning drives to their original specification. Brevini is also taking a role in wave and tidal power for which compact planetary gear units are said to be suitable.