Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, will be showcasing its latest centralised dust vacuum system over the coming weeks and months at a number of forthcoming UK trade shows.

The DC 11 Module is a complete central unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. The unit is said to be able to can manage just about every kind of dust and chip imaginable.

James Miller, Dustcontrol UK’s general manager, says: “With the DC 11 Module we deliver a complete central unit from the factory, which is very easy to install thanks to its ‘plug and play’ capability. The product has been designed to produce more vacuum/kW and can have 1-6 extraction points working at the same time. It also has a maximum noise level of 65dB (A) and can be equipped with a HEPA filter.”

The Dustcontrol UK team will be giving live demonstrations at Maintec (5-7 March) and The Total Processing & Packaging Exhibition (4-6 June 2013)

Dustcontrol UK

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