Specsavers Corporate Eyecare recently ran comprehensive research into the safety eyewear knowledge and ­policies of over 100 companies.

In the research Specsavers found that over half of those responsible for health and safety within their company wrongly thought that wearing ordinary prescription glasses would provide protection from corrosive materials while nearly a third thought that standard glasses would protect workers from electric arcs and a quarter thought they provided protection from welding materials.

Lythgow says safety eyewear must conform to the EN Standard 166. Within this standard, there are various levels of protection and each lens will be marked with the appropriate symbol regarding its properties.

A good health and safety manager should not only establish the correct specifications to safeguard employees but will also consider ‘secondary’ aspects such as comfort and fit. For those with a need for prescription eyewear in their everyday lives, prescription safety eyewear is said to provide the most appropriate option in the factory.

While it is possible to wear goggles over normal glasses, the light refraction caused by two sets of lenses may make this an unacceptable option and the discomfort of wearing both is likely to mean one or other ends up being removed.

A full eye examination along with prescription eyewear can be wide-reaching benefits. Digital retinal cameras are now often used during eye examinations, at no extra cost. The cameras allow optometrists to detect and monitor serious illnesses and health conditions including diabetes, various heart conditions, cancers of the eye, brain tumours, high cholesterol, detached retina, hypertension and glaucoma.

Lythgow says: There are two main aspects for employers to consider regarding safety eyewear: the technical requirements and impact protection for the given situation; and the wellbeing of employees in terms of comfort, knowledge of policy and wider health benefits. A solution that takes both aspects into account will most likely result in the safety and wellbeing of employees and employers.

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