A new tank washing nozzle made from PTFE which delivers a slow-moving, high impact spray action against internal surfaces of tanks and vessels for effective removal of scum rings, or tougher residues, has been introduced by BETE. The HydroWhirl Poseidon tank washing nozzle is an important addition to the HydroWhirl range, and is suited to cleaning and wash down applications in food and beverage industries, general processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The HydroWhirl Poseidon nozzle has a nozzle head design which provides flow-through of water and cleaning solutions through a rotating head at the tip of the assembly. The combination of the spray pattern and the impact with a slow and nearly constant speed rotation, results in a targeted cleaning action which breaks up and washes away stubborn residues.

The nozzle is designed for complete 360º omni-directional coverage and requires lower pressures and therefore uses less water. The HydroWhirl is suitable for anyone who needs a polymer nozzle for reliable, efficient cleaning of tanks, vessels and other interior spaces.