The new emergency hammer from EMKA for railway vehicles is now also offered with integral theft resistance, and is compliant with DIN EN 45545-2 HL3. This robust product has been developed specifically for rail vehicles where the safety demands are exceptionally high, including the need for the “little lifesavers”, so named because emergency hammers, in particular, help to save lives. That is why they are part of the compulsory equipment in local and long-distance passenger transport. Among other things, fire protection and emergency passenger escape play a significant role in passenger transport, especially in rail vehicles. The new hammer has also successfully passed the impact test according to the Administrative Regulation for testing emergency entry and exit windows.

To this end emergency hammers must not only be effective when used by all types of people – it is also vital that they are present when required – which is why the integral anti-theft feature is so important.

The engineering development team therefore designed this new variant for train use with a carbide tipped head of zinc-plated steel and an ergonomic handle of special plastic chosen especially with regard flammability characteristics so ensuring a high degree of fire protection according to DIN-EN 45545 which was then certified by a fire test laboratory.

Additional criteria sought to minimise the risk of injury to passengers when using the hammers by including hand protection as a standard. The emergency hammer is therefore supplied with a holder and an integrated anti-theft device which features a one-and-a-half-metre steel cable integrated into the mounting to prevent wilful theft of the emergency hammer. As a further option we understand that the emergency hammer can also be given customer branding in a different colour design in case of OEM specification.

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