ESAB’s Coreweld 46 LS metal cored welding wire is designed for high speed thin plate welding to a minimum thickness of 1.0 mm.  It will out perform solid MAG welding wire in terms of both the quality of weld produced and productivity.  Coreweld 46 LS can ensure major reductions in welding costs with both mechanised and robotic welding and fabrication processes.

Coreweld 46 LS also performs excellently in the manual welding of thicker plates.  The wide operating parameter box is a positive advantage for welders making it easy for them to control the welding arc and produce welds with perfect profiles.  Safe and spatter free re-striking also make life easier for the manual welder.

Most thin plate applications welded with solid wire are in the short arc or globular arc transfer mode employing moderate travel speeds since using high travel speeds in spray arc mode can result in a deterioration of weld quality.  However, with Coreweld 46 LS, the stable, spray arc transfer can result in high travel speeds of 150-200 cm/min. on  fillet or overlap welds as well as both curved and circumferential welds.

With Coreweld 46 LS, stable welding starts at just below 200A.  Welds produced with Coreweld 46 LS have no – or very low levels of silica on the weld surface. This means that post weld cleaning requirements before coating or painting are substantially reduced.

Coreweld 46 LS operates at low arc voltage and combined with high travel speeds, low heat input results.  Lower heat inputs result in fewer problems with work-piece deformation which can be experienced when welding thinner plates by the conventional MIG/MAG process.

Coreweld 46 LS does not require the use of expensive pulsed power source technology.  Furthermore, for those wishing to switch from solid wire, in most cases there is no need to change the positioning of the welding gun, so the conversion time is limited to the optimisation of welding parameters.

Coreweld 46 LS is available in 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6mm diameters and packaged in 225kg Marathon Pac bulk drums, which also ensure major savings in downtime compared with the use of standard 300mm diameter spools.  For more information about ESAB products, visit or call 0800 389 3152.

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