Advanced Handling are excited to be exhibiting at MACH 2016. For their first time at the event, the company are planning an interactive stand with lots of opportunities for visitors to get “hands-on” with our material handling equipment

On the stand at MACH 2016, passers-by will be greeted by a manually operated Mechspace, mechanically giving out brochures. The Mechspace is a pneumatic manipulator that allows the user to move, manipulate or rotate heavy or difficult-to-handle products with complete freedom of movement within a large working area.  It is capable of handling goods of up to 150kg. 

The Advanced Handling Pronomic range is an intelligent, innovative solution for very precise lifting and handling, reducing manual handling and improving productivity across multiple industries and applications. Surprisingly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, the Pronomic 225P Expand and Turn model, the most powerful and flexible model in the range, will be featured on the stand. It allows the user to effortlessly lift and manoeuvre reels covering a variety of sizes.

Also on demonstration will be the 130P Squeeze and Turn model, manufactured from stainless steel and therefore perfect for food and pharmaceutical industrial applications that require quick and easy clean-down. The Squeeze and Turn model is ideal for drum lifting and rotation, squeezing from the outside to lift and rotate through 360°. The challenge at MACH 2016 is to use the Squeeze and Turn model to empty a drum of coloured balls from one drum into another on your first attempt without dropping any.

The ergonomic benefits of height adjustable electric powered static scissor lifts will be demonstrated on the stand. Advanced Handling has decades of experience in modifications to deliver roller bed platforms, rotating inbuilt or surface mounted platforms, tilting platforms to completely bespoke specifications. Scissor tables are strong and durable, installed in a range of applications including engineering, end of production lines and as work stations. 

Stand visitors will also be able to see one of the newer products in operation; a Light Duty Mezzanine Goods Lift, the Advanced Handling MezzLite. The MezzLite is a goods-only lifting solution for utilising space and maximising operation. Its modular construction means that the travel height can be built to order with no ramp required and quick installation times.

Finally, examples from the innovative Advanced Handling Movomech portfolio will be on display for visitors to trial. The Movomech system focuses on the interaction between operator and machine, increasing efficiency and eliminating stress injuries. Movomech systems comprise overhead rail systems or floor or wall mounted jib arm cranes, from which an extensive selection of “end effectors”, or industrial manipulators, can operate. Different end effectors can handle a wide variety of objects including rolls, boxes, discs, moulds, batteries, glass, food packaging, clothing etc. 

In 2017 Advanced Handling will be celebrating their 40th anniversary.