As we head into the winter months we should start thinking about keeping heating bills down. This is especially true for warehouse and factory managers who need to keep vast volumes of space at a suitable working temperature. sara LBS offers a solution with its Sprint range of high speed roller doors which minimise external exposure and help to improve overall insulation.

With energy costs rising all the time  the costs of heating warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces are also increasing.

In order to keep energy consumption down it is vital that thermal insulation is maximised. One of the most important considerations in achieving this is to consider the door system that is used, especially in busy warehouses as each time the door opens heat will quickly escape.

Specifying high quality, high speed roller doors can generate double the savings when it comes to maintaining the temperature of an industrial area.

Not only can the doors drastically reduce the amount of time that a room is exposed to the external temperature thanks to their speed, good quality doors will include well insulated curtains which add protection when the doors are shut. It has been estimated that the warehouse sector in the UK could reduce its energy costs by as much as 16% through investing in technologies such as high speed roller doors that improve insulation.

The Sprint range is said to offer the fastest opening speeds of any high speed roller doors on the UK market with a maximum speed of 2.5 m/s. Both internal and external doors are available with a range of curtain material choices which makes them suitable for almost any application.

The doors feature sara?s patented MCC vector control which ensures a smooth operation and reduces wear on the door for long lasting reliability.

A non-contact safety beam is available from sara LBS which travels ahead of the door?s bottom rail, providing a ?no touch? safety system which stops the door closing on any obstructions or personnel.

Of particular interest to end users who are keen to improve thermal insulation and protect from external environments is the Sprint 3000 ISO. The door is optimised for energy efficiency through the use of innovative insulating slats for the curtain in addition to double-glazed visibility windows. The curtain features aluminium profiles which helps protect against break-ins and is wind resistant to EN 12424, class 3-4 which will protect against hurricane force winds.