Pallet transport is a mandatory component of automated and interlinked parts production. It must be flexible and precise, ideally with a robot interface, and must of course also provide good value for the money. To meet these requirements, the mk Technology Group has developed the new Versamove pallet system.

“We are continuing to see a trend toward individualised production with the theoretical goal of batch sizes of 1,” says Darren Whiteside of mk Profile Systems (The UK division of the mk Technology Group). “In the future, small batch size production will be the order of the day. To meet the growing challenges associated with producing ever smaller batch sizes, mk has developed a pallet recirculation system that lives up to these attributes.”

Modular. The modular design of Versamove ensures fast, transparent planning and project development. Versamove can be flexibly expanded and adapted to your specific requirements.

Compatible. When developing the system, particular attention was paid to compatibility to systems already available on the market. And that means, for example, pallets of other manufacturers can also be used on the Versamove standard. This enables existing systems to be easily expanded with Versamove.

Versatile. ‘Versa’ stands for Versatility. Versamove can be used in virtually all areas of automation and material flow. Whether it‘s individual modules or turnkey solutions.

Always the right system

Versamove is available in three versions: The Versamove standard version is designed for up to 40 kg per pallet; with Versamove plus, sizes up to 1040 x 1040 mm and 100 kg can be realized. The Versamove ultra version is capable of transporting pallets with dimensions of up to 1200 x 1200 mm and 300 kg per pallet. With this line-up, the system can be used for a broad range of applications.

For excellent flexibility, mk offers three different double-lane conveyors as transfer lines. The timing belt conveyor is well suited for fast cycle operation, high accuracy and superbly smooth running. The accumulating roller conveyor is ideal for accumulating transport or high-load applications, including applications in dirty environments. A brand-new third option developed by mk is a double-lane conveyor with a side-flexing flat top chain. This conveyor is also ideally suited for accumulating operation. But what’s special about the system is that it can be used for low-cost curved frames, allowing mk to respond to space requirements in industrial production with even greater flexibility.

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