From 1 January 2016, machine tools manufactured by in Italy by Fidia are available in the UK and Ireland via newly appointed exclusive agent, TDT Technology.

Newly enhanced Fidia D range of five-axis milling machines is now available in the UK, along with the GTF range of five-axis gantry machines, the Y2G series of double traverse gantry models, the K range of five-axis high speed milling systems, the Y2K series of double productivity five-axis milling machines, the KR series of six-axis high speed mills, G996 high performance five-axis milling centres, H664 compact five-axis machining centres, and Fidia’s full range of CNC systems.

The recently enhanced D range of five-axis milling machines offers both 3+2 and simultaneous five-axis finishing of surfaces with high speed spindles. The D family of machines offers cutting speeds up to 22 m/min cutting speed, a new Z-axis counter-balance system and an active cooling system. Applications include plastic injection moulds, die casting dies, aluminium aerospace parts, graphite electrodes, resin models, tyre moulds and jet engine disk slots, to name but a few.

The Fidia GTF gantry line is characterised by its versatility. GTF machines are ideal for a host of applications in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and general machining. Due to in-built modularity, X-, Y- and Z-axis strokes of several metres can be supplied to match customer requirements.

Fidia’s Y2G series of five-axis gantry models further enhances the modular concept of the GTF range. Y2G machines feature two independent heads either working together on the same workpiece, or on different parts (separated by a bulkhead), thus allowing productivity to be doubled.

The K-range of five-axis high speed milling systems is designed specifically for both large plastic injection moulds and aerospace components. The fixed bed type machine structure gives consistency of forces independent of workpiece weight, allowing for optimum milling quality. 

The Y2K series of double productivity five-axis milling machines is essentially two K-series machines facing each other, sharing the same workpiece table. Y2K machines integrate all the benefits and versatility of two independent five-axis milling systems driven by two synchronised CNCs. Productivity is therefore doubled.

Fidia’s KR series of six-axis high speed mills is based upon a K-line concept and characterised by the integration of the five-axis head with a continuous rotary table. The rotary table is sized according to the machine application, and allows for the machining of workpieces of more than 2000 mm in diameter. The use of the sixth axis as a rotary workpiece table guarantees maximum accessibility from all sides.

Fidia’s G996 is a compact upper gantry milling system characterised by its strong monolithic structure. It is aimed at the machining of small and medium-size workpieces, regardless material stiffness and toughness. The large cast iron bed of the G996 provides a stable platform, while the open front ensures wide visibility.

Last but not least, the Fidia H664 is a line of compact five-axis machining centres with X-, Y- and Z-axis travels of 600, 560 and 400 mm, respectively. HS664V machines are equipped with a 1000 x 550 mm ?xed table, while HS664RT machines have an integrated rotary-tilting worktable.

TDT Technology says that a Fidia machine will feature on its stand at the forthcoming MACH 2016 exhibition at the Birmingham NEC on 11-16 April, where the company has booked its largest ever stand (Stand 5440, Hall 5), measuring 200 sq m.