Leading vacuum pump and compressor manufacturer Gardner Denver has launched a range of measurement equipment to identify compressed air energy lost through pipework leakages. With the Carbon Trust reporting that a leak as small as 3mm could cost more than £700 a year in wasted energy Gardner Denver’s  Insertion and In-Line Flow Meters offer a reliable means of evaluating compressed air generation and the associated costs from any downstream inefficiencies.

For pipework over an inch and a half thick Gardner Denver’s Insertion Flow Meter offers a trusted solution to measure compressed air efficiency while the In-Line Flow Meter has been developed for pipes with a smaller diameter.

Flow, pressure and temperature can all be monitored at a glance, ensuring any costly air leaks can be quickly identified and remedied. Only one flow meter is needed to measure each of these factors, simply by fixing the equipment directly to the pipework.

Sites that cannot afford production downtime will benefit from Gardner Denver’s hot tap drill installation process which enables the innovative flow meters to be fitted within 30 minutes without isolating the system.

“Generating compressed air accounts for 10% of total energy costs in industry so ensuring wastage is kept to an absolute minimum should be a key concern for all operators,” explains northern Europe aftermarket sales manager Keith Findlay. “Our new flow meters guarantee that flow, pressure and temperature in compressed air is constantly monitored so companies can implement a reliable energy management programme to reduce overall energy costs.

“For guaranteed assurance we recommend combining our flow meters with our leak detection devices which use ultrasound technology to locate and evaluate the intensity of leaks. A report is then generated, highlighting potential energy savings in further detail.

“We are committed to delivering high quality and low-maintenance energy management solutions which make a difference to a business’ bottom line.”