Wellman Thermal Services recently secured an order for a new hot water boiler to be installed at Aston Villa Football Club this autumn. The time from enquiry to order placement took less than 90 minutes. The new boiler replaces the existing unit previously supplied by Wellman’s and is from the Ygnette LTHW range.

Operational demand for the replacement boiler is also ‘like for like’ and will be used throughout the winter months for under pitch heating.

The system is used to supply heat to any or all of the four quarters of the pitch in periods of cold weather to keep the pitch’s surface consistent should the stand shadow certain areas of the ground.

The Ygnette range is available from 150-3,000kW in the LTHW range and from 150-5,500kW in the HTHW range. The Sygnette steam boiler is available in outputs from 1,000-7,000kg/hr. Both boiler types originate from the Allen Ygnis range – a brand incorporated by the Wellman Group and are still supplied today by WTS.