Patented 5-chamber diaphragm and piston design of Aquatec 550 Series Pumps from Becktech is claimed to allow them to operate at quiet noise levels and minimal pulsations while delivering powerful flow rates up to 25 litres/min at up to 80psi.

The self-priming pumps are designed for intermittent duty but may run continuously for hours and can run dry. Suited to many uses from water vending and spraying to general industry, they can also pressurise water drawn from an atmospheric tank, deliver purified water to a specific point or increase pressure where required.

Units may be controlled by a pressure switch (‘demand’ mode) or an external power control device (‘delivery’ mode). They can incorporate an integrated bypass to limit pressure, and control options are an internal bypass for 20-100psi or pressure switch for 40-70 psi. Self priming abilities are from 7ft to 13ft.

A range of pump-head fitting options is offered. Pump-head materials are available to pump most common industrial liquids, while motor power is by long-life permanent magnet motor (12, 24V DC or 230V AC totally enclosed and non-ventilated) or by 230V AC capacitor-start induction type.