A new range of liftables has been introduced by movemanSKG. Suitable for warehouses, factories and other industrial applications, these units are said to be hardwearing and withstand the rough treatment typical of such environments.

Gary Bound, movemanSKG sales engineer says: ‘These lifts are ideal for customers who need to move heavy goods, such as palletised stock or retail cages. They are freestanding and do not require a pit, eliminating time-consuming and costly building work for companies under pressure to cut budgets.”

The liftables have a wide range of applications. Split-level units move loads from one floor to another. Others are common in cargo bays to load and unload transit vehicles. In these cases movemanSKG provides drop down flaps that allow operators to wheel goods on and off trailers.

The liftables use a scissor mechanism to move the platform. When the platform is in the raised position, safety systems such as galvanised mesh guarding or a roller blind safety curtain protect users from the lift’s inner workings. Units travel 1,600mm high and carry payloads of up to 3,000kg (or 10,000kg if users opt for a pit). Various platform sizes are available.