GroundMate is a new ground protection system manufactured solely from UK recycled plastic waste which has been launched by Centriforce Products, one of the UK’s largest independent plastics recyclers. GroundMate is said to offer a tough and durable substitute to traditional ground protection materials such as plywood.

Water and slip-resistant, it will not rot or delaminate and is claimed to cost up to 50 per cent less than alternative systems.

Designed to protect soft and/or sensitive ground from machinery and vehicles, GroundMate is expected to find applications in a wide range of construction and civil engineering projects. It has been successfully tested for vehicles up to 30 tonnes.

Centriforce managing director, Simon Carroll says: “Added to the advantages of its low cost and durability, GroundMate also helps contractors meet waste management regulations and contributes positively to their environmental and CSR practices.

“GroundMate is completely reusable and is fully recyclable after use. Centriforce also offers a service to take back GroundMate boards when a contractor has finished with them for onward reuse or recycling.”