Hansford Sensors will be exhibiting its full range of industrial accelerometers at this year’s International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference (IMVAC) taking place in Antwerp, Belgium. The company will be unveiling its latest products, including the recently launched HS-173R tri-axial vibration sensor, capable of providing simultaneous measurement in three axes.

The HS-173R is designed for use with modern route-based and stand-alone data collectors, which demand multichannel inputs from permanently or temporarily mounted vibration sensors. The device incorporates an electromechanically coupled piezo-electric sensor mechanism, protected in a stainless steel capsule, to create an extremely reliable, compact and lightweight accelerometer. This provides consistent and repeatable measurements, with excellent frequency response and a settling time of just 1.0 seconds.

The HS-173R has an AC output via a standard M12 connector, is sealed to IP67 and can be used in wide range of applications at operating temperatures between -55°C and +130°C.

Hansford Sensors will also be exhibiting an intrinsically safe, stainless steel connection enclosure for use in industrial and process vibration monitoring applications. The HS-ICE enclosure is certified to IECEx and ATEX and provides a compact, self-contained multi-channel terminal from which readings can be taken using standard data collectors.

Vibration monitoring and analysis experts from Hansford Sensors will be attending the Conference, to provide technical advice and assistance on improving the performance, reliability and functionality of accelerometers used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Learn more about the Hansford Sensors at www.hansfordsensors.com.