ABB has partnered with Tenova, a leading developer and provider of sustainable solutions for the green transition of the metals industry, to install and commission equipment in a new Hasзelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. steel plant in Osmaneli (Bilecik, Tьrkiye). Hasзelik is one of Tьrkiye’s leading manufacturers of special steel with a total of five manufacturing plants and other locations worldwide.

The new line will comprise Consteel® Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) equipped with Consteerrer® electromagnetic liquid steel stirring system, a ladle furnace and a twin vacuum degasser. All units are linked and governed by an extensive, state-of-the-art automation system to optimize the whole process and guarantee high quality steel grades.

The unit selected by Hasзelik will be the first continuously charged EAF in Tьrkiye and will allow the steelmaker to leverage the inherent flexibility of the Consteel EAF to tackle declining scrap availability and quality. The continuous charge makes the process robust to the variation of the scrap density, quality and content of volatile compounds. At the heart of the system is the new Consteel Evolution based on a full-platform EAF with single-point roof lifting system, a combination that brings the benefits of energy efficiency, reduced workforce, increased reliability, improved productivity and reduced environmental impact.

The new Consteel furnace will be equipped with Consteerrer, a technology jointly developed by ABB and Tenova as part of an exclusive global partnership agreement. Consteerrer is an application of ABB’s unique ArcSave® non-contact electromagnetic stirring technology designed specifically for continuous charging EAFs. It reduces thermal losses, increases melt rate, rapidly homogenizes the liquid steel and reduces oxygen content in the bath. The technology can be customized to match the needs of different EAFs and retrofitted on existing units.

“In light of rising commodity and energy costs as well as a greater focus on sustainability, process efficiency is more important than ever,” said Zaeim Mehraban, Global Sales Manager, Metallurgy Products at ABB. “Using the unique and proven ABB ArcSave-based electromagnetic stirring technology found at the core of Consteerrer, Hasзelik will be able increase productivity and energy efficiency in their electric arc furnace process and accelerate financial gains as well as progress to sustainability goals.”

“With this project, Hasзelik is investing to increase its competitiveness within the market of high steel grades,” said Davide Masoero, Tenova Area Manager Europe Electric Arc & Ladle Furnace. “Scrap characteristics in terms of purity and density are, in fact, worsening and the Consteel technology is fundamental to maintaining high quality production.”

“Together with Tenova experts and drawing on ABB technology, we have designed a tailormade solution that also makes provision for future expansion of the current facility. The specific technologies of Consteel and Consteerrer perfectly fit with our needs,” said Naci Faydasiзok, Hasзelik chairman of the board.

With production facilities in İstanbul and Konya and a total of nine warehouses in seven provinces, Hasзelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. produces and supplies hot-rolled special steel and cold-worked special bright steel and sells and distributes seamless pipes. It is the flagship in the Faydasiзok Holding group of companies and comprises bright steel production facility Hasзelik Cold Processing Center with an annual production capacity of 170,000 tons and Hasзelik Special Steel Rolling Mill with a production capacity of 300,000 tons per year.