Tecmach scissor lifts are used in a wide range of applications within factories across all industries – for example machine infeed and outfeeds, variable height work benches, variable height welding benches, mezzanine floor lifts, packing and stacking, work platforms, loading docks and incorporated into production lines and machines.  Scissor lifts can be used to deal with level changes internally and externally on the factory site.

Tecmach have a wide range of standard lifts (single, double and tandem configurations) together with a range of low profile scissor lifts and can supply custom lifts to the customers specification. 

Capacities 500 kg to 20 tonnes, stroke up to 5m.

The scissor lifts can be fitted with a variety of accessories for example turntables, conveyors, bridging flaps, guard rails and gates, boom barriers, roller blinds, mesh safety curtains, tilt tables, ramps, foot controls. 

The control of the scissor lift may be manually by pushbutton, integrated with others controls, or incorpoetaed as part of a production line.

Bring the work to the operator

Manual handling injuries are caused by handling and lifting and according to recent figures from the HSE 60% of the injuries involve lifting heavy objects.  Use of a scissor lift to assist operators can minimise the risk.

Use of a Tecmach scissor lift to lift the work to the operator can minimize lifting, bending and stretching for the operator as they work.  Also, a comfortable working height for the operator aids efficiency and supports high work quality.  Being able to adjust the height easily is especially useful for a shared work station where the operators may be of different stature.  The use of scissor lift for ergonomic working can enhance operator experience, productivity, lessen chance of injury and improve work quality.

Examples of this type of use are manual machine infeed / outfeed, component assembly, servicing equipment, lifting bags of grain to a feed hopper, manually stacking/unstacking large sheet material, packing stations.

A Fabric supplier installed scissor lifts at their cutting work stations to reduce back injuries through lifting and twisting with handling heavy rolls of fabric.  The fabric to be cut was moved  to the cutting area in stillages and loaded on the scissor lift by the fork lift. The operator could then raise the stillage to a comfortable height to lift off the fabric roll.  From a trial with one lift table the cutting area now has four since it proved to be a effective improvement to the working system and gave improved operator safety.

Variable Height Welding bench 

Tecmach variable height welding benches are built to meet the needs of precision fabricators who require a robust high-quality equipment to support their manufacturing operation.  The welding operative can change the height of the table to give best access for each part of the operation, this can assist in maintaining work quality and improve operator health and safety.  The tables feature as standard 10 mm unpainted platform, earth bonding points, flexible conduit over cable and hoses to protect from welding and grinding sparks, safety ledge around platform and hose break valves, hand pendant control.

Bring the operator to the work

Tecmach scissor lifts can be used as a variable height work platform.  For example, Tecmach supplied a high-quality window manufacture a scissor lift for their paint shop so that the spray operator could work at the optimum height for each type of window they were spraying. 

Dealing with level changes around the factory.

Tecmach Scissor lifts are verstatile cost effective pieces of equipment for dealing with level change around a site, both internally and externally. 

A customer whose is on a sloping site when building an extension installed a 1 tonne capacity scissor lift to deal with the 900 mm floor height change to move pallet trucks from one level to another.

Another customer in the packaging industry used scissor lifts are part of their automated line to move ready product from the lower level to the mezzanine storage area.  The product was transferred from conveyors into the lifts at the lower level and off loaded by pallet truck at the upper level.



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