ICS Cool Energy has launched a new range of thermal mass cycling refrigeration air dryers which can deliver energy savings of over 80%, specifically designed for the treatment of compressed air systems
The innovative new DE-ETM range is an extension of ICS Cool Energy’s popular compressed air and gas system, and is the ideal solution for applications that require low energy consumption, reliability and high performance even when operating for long periods of time. It provides the treatment of a high compressed air flow for a wide range of demands, from 32 to 225m3/min.
The DE-ETM thermal mass technology is Eurovent A-rated, and uses the eco-friendly R410a refrigerant to allow the units to adapt energy consumption to the actual load, therefore achieving significant savings compared to other dryers on the market.
In addition, the range’s high efficiency aluminium heat exchanger also minimises pressure drops. The special bar and plate technology of heat exchangers ensures that DE-ETM works with high compressed air flow while maintaining a precise DEW point (to control and measure the amount of water vapour in the compressed air), during all conditions and low pressure drops.
Overall, the combination of highly specified materials and components ensures the DE-ETM dryer range operates to the highest levels of performance and can help improve the overall efficiency of a variety of industrial compressed air systems.
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