New environmentally friendly, safe cleaning machine for paint stripping ‘Kleenstrip’ provides an alternative to traditional paint stripping services, with enhanced efficiency and productivity
Safetykleen has launched ‘Kleenstrip’, an environmentally friendly process for removing cured paint from a wide variety of components.
Kleenstrip is a water-borne, safe alternative to traditional paint stripping services and offers customers with a low cost, efficient machine developed to minimise both energy loss and the volume of waste produced. Kleenstrip has been designed specifically for applications across manufacturing industry, including the automotive and general engineering sectors.
Utilising a simple immersion process, with components lowered into the machine in baskets, Kleenstrip incorporates an air vent to minimise fugitive emissions together with an air curtain when the lid is open to minimise vapours. The water-based cleaning solution is continually mixed in use to ensure a consistent level of cleaning and eliminate any hazardous materials. Heat mat technology prevents the heating elements being damaged as a result of paint contamination.
Kleenstrip provides a highly effective means of improving productivity, increasing control of quality standards and enhancing the working environment whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant environmental and health and safety legislation.
To support the launch of Kleenstrip, Safetykleen’s surface treatment experts have produced a “white paper guide” to the technologies available for removal of coatings prior to use or re-processing. This paper is freely available to those involved in the paint, coatings and surface treatment industries – any application in fact where the safe and efficient removal of coatings from components is an important part of production. The white paper guide can be downloaded from