Weldability-Sif, UK has launched Phantom Extreme, a professional ADF welding helmet with a large viewing lens and an impact resistant shell, making it suitable for grinding operations as well as MMA, TIG and MIG welding in most volume, precision and small batch production as well as car, commercial and agricultural vehicle body repair and other welding applications.

Debris from shattered grinding wheels can easily penetrate most welding helmet shells, but this impact resistant shell is said to provide added safety to the welder. A dedicated grinding mode allows use in pro-longed grinding applications when working in close proximity to other welding operations.

It comes with a hard wearing, stylish iron girder design, has a large 97 x 62mm viewing area to help the welder clearly see the weld zone and auto darkening technology with low two amp minimum current sensitivity making it suitable for TIG and Plasma welding applications.


T: 01462 482200