Dew point temperature is a key indicator of high water vapour in compressed air systems. If the dew point temperature is the same as the temperature of the compressed air, water vapour will condense and there will be unwanted water in the compressed air lines. This causes erosion, corrosion, freezing and can adversely affect product quality during production processes.

A batch of product may even be rejected due to contamination resulting in increased costs. As the pressure increases the dew point temperature rises and approaches saturation. It is important to measure dew point precisely and reliably.

Rotronic has developed a low dew point stainless steel probe with screw-in connector for measurement down to -60 °Cdp in industrial processes at up to 100 bar; it is very suitable for compressed air systems and dryers. The probe provides stable measurements and is fully compatible with Rotronic measurement transmitters, handhelds and our continuous monitoring system (RMS).

Measurement chambers with a defined air flow and a quick connector for optimum dew point measurement are available. Monitoring and control of dew point is easily possible, improving system efficiency and eliminating the possibility of product contamination.

A technical datasheet is available from the Rotronic website

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