Manufacturer, stockist and supplier G-Force Europe specialise in the supply of industrial storage and handling equipment.  From their launch two years ago they have already become a trusted supplier to many UK factories. 

Their product range offers storage solutions, handling equipment and essential facilities products designed specifically for industrial sites. With a large product range, G-Force offer many products universal to all businesses, for example all sites need storage, shelving and waste facilities. 




The ideal solutions however vary greatly, which can make it difficult for businesses to shop outside of niche industry suppliers.  This is why G-Force created their one-stop shop for all industries offering a wide range of solutions at near wholesale prices.  As a manufacturer themselves G-Force have a good understanding of the requirements of a modern manufacturing plant and have implemented a customer focussed approach to ensure the ideal products are proposed, taking into account application, budget and time deadlines.

Since their launch in 2013 G-Force have benefited from the extension of their Wellingborough base, which has seen them increase their warehouse capacity and production capability through the installation of a larger rotational moulding machine.  As sales project manager Tom Boutle explained this has helped G-Force in a number of ways.  




“The key for any manufacturer is being able to offer a quick and efficient turnaround on their product offering.  By increasing our production and stock holding capability we have been able to keep up with demand as the business has grown.  We have a customer focussed philosophy and work hard to ensure we are able to satisfy our clients requirements.  As a manufacturer ourselves and by working closely with suppliers we are able to offer the flexibility to deliver in line with our clients exact requirement’s.” 

Around two years on from their initial launch G-Force continue to work hard to offer product a range tailored to the needs of today’s factories and industrial sites.  The G-Force product range can be seen online at, the online store has been designed to be as easy to use as possible with quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing.