A flash steam recovery system designed by TLV Euro Engineering for Watford Launderers and Cleaners has saved the laundry hundreds of tonnes of steam and payback in seven months.

Watford Launderers & Cleaners invested heavily in upgrading its linen handling and washing facilities with a new state-of-the-art laundry batch washer and five steam-heated tumble dryers. Watford LC liased with TLV to redesign the batch washer’s existing live steam supply to incorporate a flash steam system that would not only cope with an 870 tonnes annual demand, but also offer significant cost reduction.

TLV proved the benefits and approximate payback period that could be achieved by installing a steam handling system that provides flash steam for the batch washer and a small amount of live steam from the boiler at the beginning of each day.

Regional sales engineer Andy Rout says: “Once the drying facilities are operating, flash steam accounts for 93 per cent of the supply to the batch washer with live steam accounting for only seven per cent. This has meant payback for the steam system in seven months, and carbon emissions dramatically reduced.”

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