WD-40 multi-use product has launched a new range of specialist products including its Fast Drying Contact Cleaner.

WD-40 multi-use product has been a household staple and one of Britain’s most trusted brands for almost 60 years. 

The Fast Drying Contact Cleaner is a solution that cleans oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. It is said to rapidly penetrate into hard to reach areas, fast drying, without leaving any residue. The product can be used on electrical equipment, contacts, plastic and rubber.

WD-40 Specialist assistant brand manager Kieron Roberts explains: “The Fast Drying Contact Cleaner, has been developed to clean plastic, rubber and electrical equipment, by quickly penetrating and removing dirt, and the product also has the added benefit of WD-40’s Smart Straw, allowing a precise or wide stream application depending on the job at hand.”