HBM has released the IM2 Interface/Controller Card for its Genesis HighSpeed data recorders allowing existing systems to achieve increased sampling rates of up to 100 MS/s.  The upgrade works with synchronous acquisition from numerous channels and can easily be adapted to the requirements of any application because of the modular design of the Genesis HighSpeed equipment and its ability to acquire a wide range of different physical signals.

HBM’s Genesis HighSpeed data recorder family provides extremely fast data acquisition for medium- to high-channel counts.

Additionally the IM2 Interface/Controller Card enables the transfer of measured data to a PC at streaming rates of up to 100 MB/s: twice as fast as can be achieved without the upgrade. An optional optical Ethernet interface is also available to bridge longer distances between data recorder and PC.

A Master/Slave connection can be used on the Interface/Controller Card in GEN2i models to synchronize two GEN2i systems.